The Return of the Mom Jean

Well everyone, the time has come to eat our words because "Mom Jeans" are back. Or as mom might say, they're still "super hip." A few years ago, we might have said it was crazy if anyone thought that bringing back over-sized, frumpy distressed looking denim was a smart move in the fashion world. But we have to admit, after witnessing the many ways they can be worn in a modern day sense, we too have become inclined to hop on the "Mom Jean" bandwagon.

With a casual top and sandals 

Casual has never looked so on trend. Worn with a loose fitted top and simple leather sandals, your baggy jeans are ready to wear in the streets of Manhattan.

 Layered with booties

This look is slouchy yet completely acceptable to wear out-and-about.

With heels

Who would have thought ripped, baggy jeans would work with a pair of heels? Not us! But after getting an up-close look, we must say, it's actually kind of perfect.


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