What's in Your Bag?

Us girls have a unique set of things that we consider "necessities". Our own little survival kit, carried on our arm in the form of a gorgeous leather eye-catcher perhaps? Every woman has their power bag that contains everything she needs to get her through the day. Here are some of the goodies we carry with us and some that we think all women should have in arms reach on the daily.

Small makeup bag - Instead of throwing the following list items into the bottom of your bag, we suggest putting the following items in a smaller (preferably zipped) makeup bag.

  • Compact mirror - Avoid having to check your teeth in a stranger's car window. 
  • Bobby pins/ hair elastics - No more "does anyone have a bobby pin??" moments.
  • Advil - A headache can put you in a bad mood - lets avoid that.
  • Face powder- It's always nice to freshen up during the day. Oily skin can be avoided, at least temporarily. 
  • Lip Balm- An absolute must for all seasons. Protect your lips from the wind, cold, and sun.
  • Mini perfume/ body mist -  For when you need a little sweet scented pick-me-up anytime or any place. 
  • Travel size deodorant- We've all forgotten before. Let's not let it happen again. 
  • Tampons - Ladies, just do it. And since we are on the subject of tampons, we also suggest putting your tampons in a small, separate bag, (a Ziploc bag would also suffice). No more lone, open tampon swimming along in the bottom of your purse.
  • Band-aids- Blisters on your feet? Band-aids to the rescue.
Healthy snacks - Keep a protein bar or a small bag of almonds in your bag for a quick on-the-go snack.

Ear buds - A necessity for long bus rides, impromptu solo coffee shop dates, and for workout days (how many times have you forgotten?) It's always good to keep a pair on hand.

Phone charger - Not many things scarier than seeing that big red 2% on your screen. Avoid going into full on crisis mode by staying prepared when you need a recharge. Now to find a plug...

Small notebook and pen - sometimes the old fashion way is the quickest for jotting down a number or adding to a grocery list. And unlike your phone, a notepad never dies on you!

Emergency cash - This one is probably the hardest to stick to but we feel that it's a great idea to always have a few dollars on you in case your card fails you or you suddenly need a cab.

Mini pack of tissues - For tragic movies and for those winter days when your nose suddenly turns into a running faucet.

Gum -As a courtesy to others be sure to chew a piece of gum after coffee and meals.

Hand sanitizer - It's not always possible to make it to a sink to wash your hands. We know hand sanitizer isn't the same thing but it will at least hold you over until you can give your hands a good scrub.

What are your favorite things to keep in your bag?

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