The Kimono

Another trend to watch for this spring, leading into summer is the Kimono. We noticed them becoming increasingly popular last summer and look forward to seeing their vibrant colors blowing through the summer breeze again this year!

What some people may not know, is that the Kimono is actually a Japanese tradition. It has only in recent years made it's way into our culture in a more modern way.

When you compare the original Kimono with today's modified version, it's obvious that the original Kimono is much more structured and layered, but the inspiration remains in the floral patterns and the way it hangs on the shoulders.

Take your gorgeous Kimono for a stroll on the beach and let it blow behind you in the wind in all it's flowy, fringy glory.

For the girl who likes a little edge to her girly, don't think you've been left out. This all black ensemble is pulled together in a perfectly grungy way with the help of this dark patterned sheer Kimono.                                                                                                                      


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