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Shopping for professional wear can be a struggle, whether you're fresh into the field and are a little lost with where to start or you're just looking for some new ideas to spice up your work wardrobe. Here are a few of our favorite essential professional pieces to give you some inspiration!

The Blazer

First things first, every woman needs to experience the wonders of a good blazer. This is a hands-down must have if you are working in any kind of professional field. Throw on a sleek black blazer over a simple white tee, paired with dark jeans and just like that, you've taken your outfit from the grocery store to the office. For a nice change from the typical blazer, try a cute tweed jacket! Our Greylin tweed jacket looks amazing layered over a feminine floral top.

Blouses and Button-Ups

When most people think of blouses and button-ups, they instantly tend to think simple and white. This makes perfect sense, because they're classic and will go with anything. You can't argue with a classic, but don't restrict yourself to it! Take a step out of your comfort zone and go for a different cut or colored blouse and still look equally as professional! For a new approach, wear a patterned blouse with some colored heels or layer your button-up with a cute light sweater and some pretty jewelry.


Think of your accessories as little details with major importance. The picture just isn't complete without a little bling. You can decide on how much, based on the complexity of your outfit. If you're wearing a dramatic color or a top with a busy neckline, stick with simple pieces, like a pretty gold chain. If you're outfit consists of more neutral colors, take it up a notch by rocking a pair of double sided earrings and a bold cuff bracelet. Tip: make your earrings stand out more by wearing your hair in a cute chic bun!

Arm Candy

A gorgeous handbag is the last piece that ties your look together as you walk out the door and head to the office, and you want to arrive in style. A larger sized purse is great for work, so that you can carry everything from your laptop to your favorite lipstick. In the winter, a dark colored leather handbag looks chic and sophisticated. One of our current favorites is the ECO friendly Nice Things handbag. As an added bonus, it has a uniquely patterned removable interior! 

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