Five Fashion Resolutions

No matter what people say- the way you dress matters. 

We've compiled five resolutions that we encourage everyone to try.

1. Take Risks

Don't be afraid to be the first one of your friends to try a new trend! Maxi's and midi skirts are nothing to fear! They are actually designed to flatter your figure by making it appear more elongated. If you think you're too short, you're wrong- all you'll need is a simple (and inexpensive) hem job.

2. Accessorize

Sometimes it can be as simple as adding a necklace and a pair of shades to take your outfit from "Plain Jane" to "New York ready". Willing to go outside of your comfort zone? We suggest throwing on a cute hat! Accessories truly pull everything together and make an outfit complete. 

3. Mix it Up

Time to leave the days of "matchy, matchy" in the past and start off the new year by getting playful with prints! Create a cool contrast by pairing different shades of denim or floral patterns on both top and bottom. After all, rules are made to be broken!

4. Layer

Make your outfit stand out from the "mainstream" looks by adding unique layers like a knee socks, or a cape blazer!

5. Be Confident

The most important resolution of all is confidence! You must have confidence in yourself and your outfit choices. If you like something and you feel good in it- embrace it!

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