Boho Chic

With it's effortlessly stylish gypsy soul, Bohemian beauty is stealing the lime light this spring. This new and improved Hippie style is a way of expressing a love for rich culture and exotic fashion, while embracing natural beauty. We've witnessed many celebs embracing this trend and it has made it's way to the runway this spring by the name of iconic designers such as Valentino and Vera Wang. We are sure to be guilty of hopping on the Boho bandwagon this season!


The idea of "flower child" at a summer music festival behind the main inspiration of what we see in today's more contemporary Boho.

Flowy shirts and Maxi Skirts for the win.

Hair and Makeup

This isn't typically a bold lip/ slick back bun kind of trend... You're not Taylor Swift going to the Oscars. Try some bronzer with a bit of shimmer and a creamy-champagne colored shadow. You should aim to look almost like you woke up in a desert and just happen to be glowing and beautiful. #iwokeuplikethis

Remember when mom used to tell you to brush that "birds nest" on your head...well mom's still not going to win this battle- let the hair go wild.


This is where the magic happens. The key to locking down Bohemian style is by incorporating tons little details that can be brought out through the art of accessorizing. Boho represents a love of culture, so wear the world on your sleeve with embroidered bangles, exotic printed scarves, and layered chains. Keep an eye out for unique pieces whether you're on a tropical vacay or browsing through local markets and boutiques.

Despite the irony of the original "rebel among society" intention behind the trend that has now become a social phenomenon, we can't help but to keep falling in love. But keep in mind that it's not about mimicking. Put your own spin on the trend and customize it to your personality. We look forward to seeing all you Bohemian Beauty's this spring!

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