Contrary to popular belief, modern day crop tops are not meant to bare full midriffs. If any skin is shown, it is meant to be a peek- a mere sliver of skin. When worn properly, crop tops can actually be quite chic.

We've compiled a few looks that we love and that show how to properly pull off a crop top.

Side note: The only time it is acceptable to sport a crop top and allow the midriff to be shown is when you are at the beach or a music festival, other than that it is simply not okay- or chic.

Are crop tops appropriate for the office?
When talking about crop tops this question often arrives and the answer is yes! When carefully selected and paired with a high waisted pant or skirt, crop tops are most definitely okay for the office. We suggest looking for a more tailored fit and fabrics such as polyester or a sturdy cotton. Stay away from loose or flowy fits and avoid jersey fabrics.

Are crop tops appropriate for plus sized women?
Can plus sized women wear crop tops? Absolutely! The key to perfecting this look is to find a crop top that is well structured and tailored. Stay away from loose, flowy fitting crop tops because they tend to look frumpy and less flattering. What to wear on the bottom is just as important- We say stick to a high waisted, more form fitting skirt or pant.


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